The Wandering Anthropologist


Making the World a better Place

Sustainability is something that I have become very passionate about over the last few years. There is a lot of unnecessary waste in our world, and I for one want to not be a part of the problem. Here I will talk about essential oils, my favorite products, and ways that I reduce waste in the world. 

Taking the First Steps

Diving into sustainability is a slow process, its not only about reducing waste, its also about using what you have and then moving to better options for your health and the environment. I've been slowly making choices in my life to change my habits. 


Stop Apologizing

One of the things that I have found with my newfound desire to 'save the world' as I like to say is that I inconvenience people occasionally. Instead of a Cashier easily putting my groceries in their accessible bag, I ask that they go in my reusable one. At Starbucks I request a for here mug and a plate for my food. They are little things that I always say, 'I'm sorry but...'. I'm starting to think that apologizing is unnecessary though. 

Ditch and Switch

This is a term in the Young Living Essential oil world that means phasing out old chemical items for new plant-based ones. Young Living has a lot of awesome products and oils that can be used to make sustainable products.