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Edinburgh, the Cutest Scottish City

Asia Borseth

Edinburgh is one of those cities that is just so cute. Walking down the Royal Mile, even on a rainy day is guaranteed to make you smile. Down cobblestone streets with raincoats and umbrellas in hand we didn't have a care in the world. 


Edinburgh's Royal Mile is one of those streets that is adorable but also has great shopping little shops. One of my favorite little souvenirs is a little wood yak that I found at one of those small shops. There are also dozens of shops with Scottish scarves and kilts if that is what you are looking for. There was also an indoor market for artists that we found, which had a ton of really incredible prints of different spots throughout the city.


Check out Arthurs Seat


This was a little hike that many people do when they visit Edinburgh, and the nice part about it is it is right outside of town. We walked from our hostel and it was less than a mile away. The main draw to the hike was to check out the view of the city, which I am sure would have been incredible had it not been incredibly foggy.

For me it was nice to be out in some green space after traveling through cities for a few weeks. Even though it was foggy, as I am sure it is most days, it was a really cool area and we had a lot of fun checking it out. The hike is pretty steep, but not too long, so it is something that just about anyone could do. 

Stay in the Castle Rock Hostel

At this point in my life, I have experienced my fair share of hostels, and upon arriving at the Castle Rock Hostel I was really impressed. This hostel was very clean and one of the cutest I have been to. The theme of the hostel was medieval, so it was decorated with knights, heroes, and princesses. This hostel also had great common rooms to hang out in, which I think is an important component in meeting people. It also was about a two minute walk from the Edinburgh Castle on the rock so we were able to visit that easily and we were right in the middle of the downtown area. Also it only costed $19 per night which was crazy for how nice it was.


Go Scottish Dancing

The Castle Rock Hostel also offered a night of Scottish dancing and a beer for $5, so naturally we went for it. This is where we became friends with two girls from Texas as well, which is another reason that hostels are great because you can meet so many people! This night out was really fun and it was one of my favorite nights of the trip.

Check out the Edinburgh Castle on the Rock.


This may seem like an obvious one, but the Castle is really cool, and even if you do not go inside, being up that high with an incredible view of the city is worth it.  

Go to the Coffee Shop where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter.

This coffee shop is called The Elephant House and for my fellow nerds (I use that word as a term of affection), it is pretty cool to see. I was actually currently reading the Harry Potter books at the time so I was really into it. I know I got to it a little late in life, but better late than never right?

Have Tea

I believe that any place in the U.K. is a good place to have a nice cup of tea, not just because of the blustery weather. Having tea is an observant time to reflect and be with people, so I think it is always a good idea, plus the Scotts make great scones!

We were only in Edinburgh for a day, so we were not able to do everything that I would have liked to, but we visited a lot of different places and had some awesome experiences.

Let me know what you thought, or if you had a different experience.

Much Love,