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Trondheim to Alesund

Asia BorsethComment

One of the best ways to see Norway is by car, which is what we did on our way to see the coast of this beautiful country. On this particular part of the drive, we were able to see the North Atlantic Highway, which was incredible and reminiscent of a ski jump in my opinion. On the way from Trondheim to Alesund, there were gorgeous sites and beautiful fjords, I wanted to touch on some of those experiences. 


Trondheim was an adorable little city that had a lot to offer. Wether you walk around in the old town area and find a market to shop at, or take a stroll by the river there is a lot to do. We started out by checking out the Trondheim Cathedral, which was beautiful.

Trondheim Cathedral

After checking out the cathedral, we decided to head toward the old town area, where there was an adorable little line of houses along the river. We also walked through a market and saw a man getting ready for ski season on his roller-blade cross country skis.

Next we walked up the hill to the Kristiansen Fortress, which was very cool to see. This fortress was built in 1618 to protect against eastern forces, and one of my favorite parts was how short the ceilings were. I guess we have gotten taller over the years. Another awesome thing about going to this fortress is that it is free to see, and provides an incredible panoramic view of Trondheim. 


This is one thing that I loved about many of Norway's cities, since Norway is known for both its mountains and its water. The unique landscape of Norway makes it so that you can have incredible views of cities on the water at little to no cost. 


The North Atlantic Highway

This highway was pretty incredible, it literally looked like a ski jump. Which I found very appropriate considering Norway is ski country. They even have built a viewing platform for the bridge, which we walked around on. Walking around there was incredibly windy however, which made it difficult walk but it was worth it. Driving along the highway was unlike anything I had seen before. Just the fact that this road was a winding lane that was connected by little islands you could physically drive on blew my mind.  Again, the geography of Norway is just beautiful. 

North Atlantic Highway


After driving through the North Atlantic Highway we headed to Alesund, which is another coastal city in western Norway. I personally loved this little city, even though we were only there for a short time. We had great food, and went on a sunset hike up the stairs that lead to a gorgeous view of the city. We went when it had just stopped raining so there was a vibrant double rainbow over the water. 


I had visited Alesund after I went to Bergen, and in my mind Alesund was a better place to go if you want to avoid touristy locations. While there were tourists there, it just seemed more real and less crowded. We also had beautiful weather while we were there so that always helps. Just walking around the city and seeing all of the beautiful buildings on the water. 

Alesund is a city that I would highly recommend seeing, its not only beautiful, but it is cheaper than most of the other cities that are on the touristy side. 

Along the trip from Trondheim to Alesund, we saw some incredible sites and experienced Norway through a more natural setting. 

Have you been to Alesund or Trondheim? Or seen the North Atlantic Highway? What are your thoughts? Let me know!


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