The Wandering Anthropologist

When the borders are broken down, then we may truly understand one another.

The Idea

The Wandering Anthropologist is someone who seeks out humanity and its complicated interconnected nature. She wanders from place to place in the hope of helping to foster understanding between cultures and create a better, more tolerant world. She strives to help others to see the beauty and the vastness of the world, and to appreciate the diversity rather than be afraid of what we do not know. Be Uncomfortable. Learn from others. Be open to new ideas. 


This website is about making the world a better place, through travel, sustainability, slow-fashion, and a commitment to exposing people to new ideas. I especially want to help young adults see that traveling is an option, and that it is one of the most valuable things that one can spend their money on. 

About Me

I love art history, sociology, anthropology, and the humanities. My hobbies also include working out, lettering, making art, and reading. I am the kind of person who loves learning, which is why I like traveling so much. The world is a classroom, and the lessons that can be learned out there are far more valuable.